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  • B-111642  ITA: Attendance at an Incentive Award [JFTR App E para. A2d]
  • B-119892  ITA: Attendance as a Complainant [JFTR App E para. A2k]
  • B-147516  Whether MWR Activities in the Air Force can be Paid for With Appropriated Funds
  • B-151540  Training of Non-Government Employees
  • B-171667  Membership Fees/Dues are not Allowable
  • B-175516  Membership Fees/Dues are not Allowable
  • B-180469  ITA: Attendance as a Complainant [JFTR App E para. A2k]
  • B-204213  Membership Fees/Dues are not Allowable
  • B-204215  Membership Fees/Dues are not Allowable
  • B-231627  Gifts, Meals, and Entertainment Expenses
  • B-233243  Using Current FY Funds for Next Year Training
  • B-288266  Use of Appropriated Funds to Purchase Light Refreshments at Conferences
  • B-301184  Food for a Cultural Awareness Program
  • B-303920  Purchasing Bottled Water

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  • Can Your Agency Use Appropriated Funds for Meals and Light Refreshments?
  • Personal Expenses -- Frequently Asked Questions (March 12, 2009)
  • Principles of Federal Appropriations Law (Red Book)

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